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Different Interior Design Ideas For Your Apartment

In an apartment, simple and light schemes can help rooms feel larger and brighter. Avoid dark colors or too many decorations to keep spaces feeling uncluttered and open.

A throughline—or red thread—is a design trend where a common element is used throughout a home to create a cohesive look. This can be accomplished by a color, finish or even a style of furniture.

Dark Academia

Dark Academia is a design aesthetic that draws inspiration from classic literature, intellectual pursuits and a love of history. It’s a moody style that can be interpreted through the use of rich green hues, vintage furniture and a sultry color palette of deep pinks and purples. This style can be seen in movies like Dead Poets Society and Atonement, as well as on Tumblr, where it’s a popular trend among students.

The academic style is characterized by a sense of mystery and an introspective attitude that can inspire students to be more self-aware. It also emphasizes a desire to delve into the past, as seen in books such as Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. It has also been influenced by the recent popularity of feminist novels, such as A Little Life and Kill Your Darlings, which highlight themes such as toxic friendships, sexual violence and mental health issues.

Students who embrace the academic style typically have a love for classic literature, with a focus on the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticism. They’re often drawn to poetry and art, as well as experimenting with calligraphy and linguistics. They tend to avoid cliche college decor, instead favouring massive wooden bookcases stocked with leather-bound volumes and tasteful decorations such as marble busts and old engravings.

A large part of the style is inspired by the desire to be in an exclusive group, a feeling that can be seen in students trying to fit into the most popular cliques on campus. This can be echoed by the desire to be part of’secret societies’, where students can discuss their favourite books and share their interests.

Besides the desire for social status, the academic style is also a form of rebellion against ‘normal’ society. It can be seen in the way students wear their uniforms – they prefer tailored dresses and skirts with a wide waistband rather than jeans. The sultry colours of the academic style also lends itself to rebellious feelings, with students loving dark red and deep pink shades.

Using dark academia style decor can create a moody, mysterious atmosphere in your apartment. One easy way to achieve this is by adding dark frames around photographs and paintings. It’s also a good idea to display your favourite books on a bookcase, either propped up with book store-esque tents or simply stacked so the covers are facing outward. Alternatively, try displaying them in a cloche-style glass cover, which gives them a sense of intrigue and adds a touch of drama to your living room.

Light Academia

If you love classic literature, cozy armchairs, and cups of tea, this aesthetic is for you. Light academia is a style that celebrates all things classic and romantic, while promoting a love of learning and beauty. Its a countermovement to the darker, moodier aesthetic of Dark Academia and is perfect for anyone who wants to surround themselves with beauty, elegance, and timeless style.

This aesthetic is characterized by a neutral and earthy color palette, reminiscent of a traditional scholarly look. It’s often complemented by floral patterns, small polka dots, and stripes. It also incorporates a mix of vintage and modern furniture, such as wooden tables or bookshelves. You can add brass or gold accents to create a more refined look. For a finishing touch, try hanging a tapestry or painting featuring a classic-inspired design.

The Light Academia aesthetic is often influenced by the cottage core movement. This style of decor is all about bringing a sense of peace and serenity to your home, so you can relax and enjoy the simple things in life. It is a great choice for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also encourages a love of nature and an appreciation for the old ways.

Light Academia furniture includes pieces with a rustic and elegant feel, such as wicker armchairs or a library chair. It also features soft fabrics and neutral colors, such as pale pink, ivory, and beige. Light wood furniture is a popular choice for this style, and can be complemented with a white stone fireplace or a chandelier. You can also choose to hang a floral wreath or a tapestry on your wall to add a classic and romantic touch to the room.

The Light Academia aesthetic is a beautiful and timeless look that will enhance any space. It’s ideal for those who love to curl up with a good book and cup of tea, or anyone who wants to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. To make your space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, try using earthy colors such as cream, beige, and brown, or add a pop of color with brighter hues such as emerald green.

Modern Academia

Modern Academia is a design style that draws inspiration from old-world academic aesthetics and incorporates them into modern interiors. It features a dark, moody color palette and old-fashioned furniture. This style is characterized by a fascination with classic literature and history, evoking the spirit of Hogwarts or Sherlock Holmes. It also draws inspiration from gothic architecture, especially that of prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge. The result is a magical mix of classical and contemporary styles that create a dark, romantic atmosphere.

The dark academia trend has been fueled by a rise in literary and cinematic works that romanticize the academic setting. This includes works like Dead Poets Society and The Secret History. This has led to a resurgence of interest in academic culture and aesthetics. The dark academia aesthetic has also gained traction on social media, particularly TikTok, where it is often used to depict the student life of fictional schools such as Hogwarts or Oxbridge.

Although the dark academia aesthetic has roots in scholarly culture and activities, it is not without its critics. Some see it as a reaction to the corporatisation of higher education, and the way in which knowledge is devalued if it does not generate profits. Others see it as a way for students to express their frustration with the slow pace of learning and the difficulty of gaining a university place.

One of the key characteristics of dark academia is its use of deep, rich colors. This includes hues like burgundy, forest green and navy blue. These shades are used throughout the space, including wall decor, furniture and blankets. Dark academia rooms often feature a baroque influence, featuring elements like dark wooden bookshelves and leather armchairs. Other popular accessories include old books, oil paintings, vintage maps and antique clocks.

For those who want to bring the magic of dark academia into their homes, there are many ways to do so. One option is to decorate with ethereal wall art that features subjects such as owls or ravens, which are associated with wisdom and enlightenment. You can also add touches of gothic art to create an elegant, romantic atmosphere.